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Health and WellnessInspiring Better Health
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Modern Dentistry Complete Dental Care
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About The Hospital

Welcome to VISM Hospital, the latest and advanced healthcare group. Our experts are working together to make the nation fitter, healthier, happier and stronger, all for the public benefit. As an organization, we invest into our vision to build a healthier nation.

Clinical Departments

General Medicine

Provides diagnosis and non-surgical health care of the internal organs to patients.

General Surgery

Surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents like Gall Bladder, Appendicitis & Others.


We have the expert team for Knee and Hip Replacement, Fractures & Others.


Cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and many others work


One challenge for people with fertility issues is navigating other people's pregnancies and other.


Renal Transplant, Kidney & Urinay bladder Stone, Prostrate & Others.

Eye Care

Get a comprehensive dilated eye Test· Find out if you're at risk for eye diseases like Cataract, Glucoma & Others.


We Take good care of your teeth and gums, Help prevent problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.


We ensure for Coronary Angioplasty with post Cag, Renal, Angioplasty, peripheral Angioplasty and Others.

Hospital Facilities


24X7 Emergency Traumas

Our Hospital offers 24x7 Medical Emergency Response. In case of any Medical Emergency, please feel free to call on our Helpline number.


Pathology Laboratory

VISM Hospital has a laboratory to support the clinical services offered at the hospital.



VISM Hospital provides an X-Ray facility for the diagnosis and interventional treatment.


Free Ambulance

VISM Hospital offers Ambulance services to transport patients requiring medical attention.


Retail Pharmacy

All prescribed medicines are accessible to all at the best prices, on the main road near the entrance gate of the hospital.

How to get a

Consultation from us?

To provide value added novel, reliable, and always improving health & medical care to sustain & improve the clinical results, patient’s safety – satisfaction and happiness.

Consult Our Expert & Get Quick Appointment

Provide you the best in healthcare. We are just a call away.





Our Expert Doctor's

Dr. Vinod Dhakad

(M.D.) Medicine

Dr. Anurag Singh Sikarwar

(M.D.) Medicine

Dr. R.K. Jain (M.S.)

(General Surgery, Cancer Surgery)

Dr. Sanjay Parasar

(M.S., M.S.H.)(Uro Surgery)

Dr. Gourav Goyal

(M.S., M.S.H)(Uro Surgery)

Dr. Shubham Gupta

(M.S.) (General Surgery/Laparoscopy)

Dr. Anil Kumar Rajpoot

(M.D. Anesthesia)

Dr. Sumit Yadav

(M.S.) (Ortho)

Dr. Sunil Verma


Dr. Priya Runwal


Dr. Dinesh Omre

(M.S.)(Eye Surgeon)

Dr. Thomas

(M.S.)(Eye Surgen)

Dr. Umesh Kumar


Our On-Call Specialists

Dr. Ajay Gupta


Dr. Vinod Dhakad

(M.D.) (Medicine)

Dr. R.K. Jain

(M.S.) (Surgery)

Dr. Shubham Gupta

(M.S.) (Surgery)

Dr. Sumit Yadav

(M.S.) (Ortho)

Dr. Gourav Goyal

(M.S., M.S.H)(Uro Surgery)

Dr. Dinesh Omre

(M.S.)(Eye Surgeon)

Dr. Thomas

(M.S.)(Eye Surgen)

Dr. Priya Runwal


Dr. Sanjay Parasar

(M.S., M.S.H.)(Uro Surgery)

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